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How I got here and where I am going


Growing up in Communist Poland was a confrontation of two polarizing realities. I cherished sweet summers spent in my Grandmother's gardens and orchards full of abundance and beauty of nature.  She lived on Wolf Street 28 by the Woolf Mountain in the piedmont of Sudety Mountains. I've never encountered no wolf though...

I spent most of my childhood and adolescent in the mining city of Lubin, a life marked by cold playgrounds, ever empty markets and a general feeling of desperation and depression. Times were difficult not only in a socio-political arena but in the personal realms as well. I've experienced many dark hours.  Lookin back if it wasn't for those very challenging times I might have never left for the US at age 19, and search for answers and healing that lead me to be who I am today, to a place of great joy and happiness. 

As with so many of us who are on a path of awakening, the trauma is our descend into the Underworld where we discover the treasures of unbelievable beauty. Don't we all, the shamans, healers, paradigm - shifters, and truth seekers been there and done that? Aren't we the ones raising from the ashes of our past turning traumas into our strengths and healing? I believe so. 

Lubin circa 1970's - my home town

Lubin before World War II was a German town - Lüben. It was destroyed during the war and whatever survived was demolished by the Communist government that took over the Upper Silesia. Baroque, renaissance and industrial-era buildings were stripped to the last brick and sent to rebuilt Warsaw. 

Woolf Mountain in Zlotoryja / Goldberg.  It's been heavily exploited since this is a natural deposit of basalt. Maybe that's what scared away the wolves...

Lubin today does not resemble the beautiful pre-WW2 town, but it sure looks like an alien spaceship landed here. What you see is a spiffy shopping mall.

My and my Wolf-ish Dog Fenrir.

I was in my thirties when unresolved childhood traumas started to knock on the door of my subconscious mind, asking to be recognized and released from entrapment. I let the prison door open, and then ... I walked in and closed the door behind. Like a moth drawn to the mesmerizing light of a hot light bulb, I was pulled in by the one and the same thing that was destroying my spirit years back. I was torn apart by demons of guilt and shame and fell into my own world of victimhood and misery.  

The path to heaven had to lead through hell. One day I stopped feeling like I am alive. I became an emptied out, hollowed robotic container.  The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to stay alive for my two little boys, and a husband who was fighting his own demons. I had to find a way! Although very slowly, like the seed of a lotus flower buried in the depth of slam and mud, I was led by an unseen force toward the light, healing and understanding. 

My first glimpse of hope came in the most unexpected form. 

Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted. ~ Christine Caine

I overheard someone talking about the benefits of meditation, so I decided to give it a shot. I scribbled a short formula I found on the internet and sat there trying to MEDITATE while not paying any attention to the chaos in my head. I was overwhelmed being overwhelmed for so long, I forgot how to even breathe. Out of these 20 minutes, 2 were probably close to what you might call a meditative state. The rest was a disaster. But that was good enough. I was hooked. The process of awakening started that day. There was still so much I didn't understand about my life, and I was very far from loving myself unconditionally. But the seed of hope was planted.


I searched for Ayahuasca Ceremony. I needed a radical and deep transformation. It seemed improbable I would travel from Europe to an Amazonian Jungle to drink this psychoactive brew, but I looked anyway against all adds. To my amazement, I found two lovely Shamans living only 8 hours away, amongst the ancient Germanic woods where Druids have raised magnificent obelisks for the ancient rituals they performed there. 


Before becoming Shamans, the people I went to visit were well-known healers and yogis who worked with regression therapies, and sacred geometry to mention few. Then Aldona found out she has a brain tumor. The cost of traditional therapy was staggering and the doctors didn't give her much of a chance of survival anyway.  She went for an Ayahuasca Ceremony as the last resort, despite the fear of snakes and other such images popularly associated with Ayahuasca visions. So, of course, she was confronted with the most gigantic snake ever!

Fortunately, he was a friend of humanity and helped Aldona find healing and solution for her deadly disease. That was more than a decade ago. Aldona and Jarek have been on the path of shamanic healing since. I went to visit them with my husband - and it utterly changed our lives. For me, the Ayahuasca Ceremony was a first step in the process of integrating all the broken pieces of my soul and psyche. And a whole new chapter of my life. What started as a path of self-healing became my vocation. To my deepest and humblest surprise, but also greatest joy, as I returned for the following Ceremonies, I was initiated as a Shaman by the Spirits and Shamans alike.  The year was 2011 ...


At that time, Vedic Art, an intuitive painting method from Sweden was taking over Europe one artistic brush at the time. Developed by a Swedish artist Curt Kallman who got the inspiration from his transcendental meditation teacher - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, you might know him as the guru of The Beatles, who also hung out with Mick Jagger and others. He was actually a pretty nice guy and he inspired Curt to invent a method for the Westerners that could be based in ancient Vedic knowledge - the oldest source of wisdom that survived to this day.  Intuitive painting promised re-awakening on a soul level to hidden potentials and creativity. 

A long time ago, my art teacher told me I was not a promising artist. To a young student, this was a final sentence. I didn't need to look for another opinion. I gave up all my creative pursuits, but my soul was longing for creative expression. I went for my first Vedic Art Workshop in 2012.  It was so much more than just a painting class! It was a true awakening that opened doors to new possibilities, new friendships, and a deeper understanding of myself and my shadows, dreams, and wishes I was too shy and afraid to express openly.  There was healing, laughing, crying, painting, and so much love! Within 3 years I took all the necessary courses and became a certified Vedic Art teacher, so I could share with others this amazing modality.

My two favorite Paintings done in the spirit of Vedic Art

Professionally, I have been involved in many creative pursuits in my life. For over 20 years I've been working in advertising and graphic design. I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communication, I love to write and I have published in a few magazines and online journals. I'm blog junky - I started probably close to 10! 

I am also a videographer and video editor and a drone pilot. 

I have a deep passion for historical reconstruction and living archeology. I love the early Viking era - hence my interest in Nordic lore and runes, but I find the early tribal people the most interesting subject of reenactment - particularly the Scythians. 

Today my world is still remarkably dual and not without challenges. I guess the balancing act never ends. But I’m just more conscious of the mechanisms that guard this Universe and intricacies of its working. The trick is to stay in the presence of grace while having fun because the Universe (God, Goddess, Devine Energy, Universe...) really likes to play! 

I lovingly embraced the role of an Intuitive Guide, which means I simply channel the energies to activate YOUR potential to heal and create from your heart. In a way, YOU are doing all the work, I am just, well, nudging, pushing, initiating and guiding you on your path of transmutation. 

That way we can create a beautiful colorful sacred art and life together, for the benefit of all!


Much Love & Many Blessings 



Pati Parvati Becker